Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Counties and Cities Join to Keep Funds

"In a surprise show of solidarity, the County Supervisors' Association recently joined with the League of California Cities in preparing a measure they hope will end up on the November 2004 ballot.
It would offer voters the final say whenever Sacramento asks for money their city and county have earmarked for parks, fire departments, libraries and social-service programs."

Piracy or Fair Use

This issue continues to spawn dispute.
Diane Feinstein has cosponsored a bill with that protects the rights of the movie industry against camcorder copying and peer-to-peer distribution of films. "There are two main points: First, the bill makes it a federal crime to videotape movies in theaters without authorization. . . .Second, the bill makes it easier for prosecutors to convict individuals who put pre-released material on the Internet or for aggrieved parties to file lawsuits."
Source: Senator Feinstein's press release
There is also an article in today in today's Christian Science Monitor questioning the ethics (and possibly, the legality) of Amazon's Search Inside the Book feature. "The proliferation of online media has made the long-contentious topic of what constitutes a copyright violation and what is only a "fair use," excluded from copyright law, even more complicated."

Links to Presentations I Went to at Internet Librarian

Top Tech Trends for Internet Librarians
Tuesday, November 4th • Opening Keynote
Elizabeth Lane Lawley, Rochester Institute of Technology;
Rich Wiggins, Michigan State University;
Stephen Abram, Micromedia ProQuest

Tuesday Evening Session
Saving Ourselves: Alternative or Adventuresome Funding Strategies
Moderated by Rebecca Jones, Dysart & Jones Associates
Panel - Steve Coffman, VP, Business Development, LSSI
Helen Kennedy and Jim Lewis, Partners and Co-Founders, Lewis Kennedy Associates
Stephen Slade, Elkhorn Slough Foundation, &
Caroline Punches, San Jose State University Library

California's Political Climate 2004?

A survey from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press will probably not raise any eyebrows in ranking California as as progressive state.

Internet Librarian 2003

I just got back from Monterey. Overall, the Conference was interesting. Tomorrow I will put links (if available) to the programs I attended.

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