Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cupertino Library Naming Controversy

Fred Chan proposed to donate $250,000 toward a new library and civic center. In return, City officials offered to name the building after him. Vice Mayor Sandra James remarked, " What do we know about these people?" Racial bias has been construed in the remark and Chan has withdrawn his offer.

Monterey County Against Searches of Library Records

"County supervisors today (June 3 (parentheses mine)) will consider a recommendation by county Librarian Bob McElroy to endorse proposed legislation to roll back the authority" of Federal agents to conduct warrantless searches of library and bookstore records.

Davis Backs Financial Privacy Bill

On Monday, Governor Davis pre-empted a ballot initiative and threw his weight behind a bill which he said would protect consumers without hampering financial companies sales. If passed it would become the strongest financial privacy protection for consumers in the United States and, according to Davis, the model for future legislation.

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