Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Latinos' Numbers Exceed Their Clout"

"While comprising 30 percent of the Valley's overall population, and nearly 40 percent in the eight Valley counties south of Sacramento, Latinos make up about:

* 6 percent of its state judges. Twelve of the 18 Valley counties have no Latino judges, and three more have only one.

* 6 percent of Valley physicians and 5 percent of its lawyers.

* 11 percent of Valley schoolteachers, school counselors and school librarians.

* 19 percent of its police and firefighters.

Without representation that at least approaches their share of the population, some social analysts say, Valley Latinos will be relegated to second-class status despite their growing numbers."

Amendment to Prevent CA from Taking Cities' Money
"The League of California Cities wants to initiate a constitutional amendment that would make it mandatory for the state to get voter approval before it takes money designated to local governments."

The Patriot Act, Section 215
"'It allows the federal government to do vast fishing expeditions into user activity,' said (Karen) Schneider, who chairs an intellectual freedom committee of the California Library Association. . . .Section 215 illustrates the kind of secretive, unrestrained policing emboldened by the Patriot Act and other anti-terrorism laws, said Elizabeth Schroeder, an associate director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.
People may be investigated and never know about it. Schroeder said agents can look not only at a suspect's library records but also at documents detailing everything from psychiatric history to membership in Greenpeace."

Gale Celebrates Hispanic Heritage
From September 15 through October 15, Gale is supporting Hispanic Heritage Month with the free, Celebrating Hispanic Heritage site, offering "history, biographies, literature and activities to help families and students learn more about Hispanic Americans."

Perhaps it's the proximity of Mars or the interruptions caused by worms, I haven't posted any thing lately. Is nothing going on with California libraries? If you have a news item you would like me to post, send it to me.

California Supreme Court Upholds Free Speech in DVD Case

"The California Supreme Court ruled today that publication of information regarding the decoding of DVDs merits a strong level of protection as free speech and sent a key case back to a lower court for a decision on whether a court can prevent Andrew Bunner from publishing this information, whether on the Internet, on a T-shirt, or elsewhere."

Oakland's Budget Crisis

"Budget woes are forcing Oakland officials to close
City Hall and other city buildings from libraries to
recreation centers once a month.

The closures and unpaid furloughs of 1,400
maintenance and clerical workers are expected to
save $2.2 million in fiscal 2003-2004. They will begin next Friday, August 29, and city facilities also will be
closed on Tuesday, September 2, effectively extending the Labor Day holiday for Oakland employees."

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