Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spam Banned in California

"California took a tough stand against spam e-mail on Wednesday after Governor Gray Davis signed a law prohibiting anyone from sending unsolicited commercial e-mail advertisements to a California e-mail address."

"Federal Probes of Libraries Have Long History"
"Beginning in 1973, FBI agents visited libraries to track the reading habits of people from communist countries, people with foreign-sounding names and people with foreign accents."

When the Feds Knock
"Across the nation, librarians and bookstore owners have taken to warning patrons that their records are vulnerable to FBI searches under the USA Patriot Act, and many have joined local groups in condemning the law's reach."

New San Mateo Library Will be Green

San Mateo City Librarian, K.G. Ouye said “'Green is a good for a lot of reasons.' That sentiment is the driving force behind construction of the new public library, which will be triple the size of the old structure at 55 W. Third Ave. As a result, the city may soon find itself with the largest certified green public building in Northern California."

Recall Debate - Vehicle License Fees
"Will they (the candidates) be honest and specific with voters in telling them that Californians can't have something for nothing?
That means Schwarzenegger and state Sen. Tom McClintock must be candid about cutting the vehicle license fee. If they again say they want to eliminate it, voters should listen to hear if they also tell us that California must do without the local police, fire and library services now supported by that tax."

Santa Cruz Trys to Avoid Cuts in Service
"The director of the city-county library system has come up with a plan to eliminate a $700,000 budget deficit without closing branches, cutting hours or laying off employees. Library chief Anne Turner, who designed the plan, will present her solutions to the nine-member oversight board Monday night."

Democracy Exhibit
"Eighteen-year-old Emma Sandoe is not letting voter apathy and disillusionment -- prevailing themes among her peers -- stop her from taking part in the democratic process.

Sandoe, who graduated in June from Washington High School, is putting the finishing touches on the (Fremont) Museum of Local History's first exhibit on democracy, voting and the electoral process.

"Democracy on Exhibit," which features local and historical elections as well as campaign memorabilia, opens today. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays, Fridays and the second weekend of each month through December."

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