Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Promoting Libraries in the Bay Area

For National Library Week, "a tight collaboration leverages company support and ad dollars to get the word out about libraries." The word goes out on the backs of buses, in supermarket circulars, television spots and on a digital mall sign by the freeway. This year's theme is: "Discover the Bay Area's best value…your library". Look for it!
Library Journal

Berkeley Wants Tax Revenue

"Homeowners will be asked to pay an extra $310 a year on their property tax and utility bills to keep City Hall open full time, avoid police and fire service cuts and keep school programs and public libraries afloat during the next few years."

Sacramento County Won't Ask for Library Tax

"For years, Sacramento County's libraries have lagged behind the city's in manpower, materials and money, and that gap could widen further after November's election. . . .The Board of Supervisors decided in July not to try a third time for a tax to support the county's 16 libraries after a January poll showed only 55 percent of voters would support it, a level well below the two-thirds necessary to pass a new tax."

Santa Clara County's Budget Blues

"Budget problems have forced all Santa Clara County libraries to close on Mondays starting next month.
Facing a $1.1 million budget shortfall and possibly much more next summer, library officials announced Tuesday the service cutback would start Oct. 11. . . .The county's libraries may have to endure further cutbacks in the future. In March, county voters failed to extend a benefits assessment tax that brings in $5.3 million for the county library system."

Succeed @ Your Library

"September is the month during which librarians across the nation try to convince Americans - especially young Americans - to join them in the never-ending search for knowledge. . . .It's also a way communities come together to promote literacy. . . .Getting a library card is simple. . . .And it's free! . . .The Resource Literacy Center of California reports that only about 8 percent of the population visits a public library as often as once a week. Nearly 15 percent say they never go to a library. How all of our lives might be changed if those who don't now go to a library for information or relaxation did go.
Information literacy is the key to so many good things in life. It allows you to find, evaluate and use information effectively to solve problems and make decisions.
It could be argued that you cannot fully live the American dream without just the kind of information so easily obtained at your friendly neighborhood library."

Cell Phone Use in Library Costly
"City leaders (in Huntington Beach) adopted an ordinance, which takes effect Sept. 15, that bans all cell phone use in libraries, including talking, text messaging and ringing tones of any kind.
First-time violators will be warned, then fined $250 if they don't comply. A second offense gets a $500 fine and a third offense gets a $1,000 fine."

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