Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Masking Budget Shortfall

"Libraries throughout San Mateo County have endured financial struggles for nearly a decade, but they're finding creative new ways to keep users from feeling the pain. . . .The financial crunch has presented a seemingly endless sense of uncertainty for librarians. And with the number of patrons rising 37 percent over the past three years, the question remains whether the local libraries can accommodate a growing number of users while dealing with a sinking financial outlook."

What's Up with the State Budget?

"California will end the fiscal year without a budget approved by the Legislature for the ninth time in 11 years and appears set to start the new year without even a handshake budget deal between legislative leaders and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger."

"Libraries the San Jose Way"

"Taking a cue from nearby startups and venture capital firms, Silicon Valley's award-winning library is launching a consulting business to help librarians think like entrepreneurs. . . .The 10-month-old library charges $1,500 for half-day consulting sessions, which explain to librarians in other communities how San Jose's institution came to national prominence."

Great SF Earthquake Photographs

There is a great online exhibit of photographs from the University of California Riverside/California Museum of Photography about the 1906 earthquake. It is divided into six browsable sections: Destruction; People; Amidst the Rubble; The Hungry; The Homeless; Recovery. Photos may be viewed in a small format, in a detailed view, as stereograms or, wearing red/blue glasses, as 3D images.

Bad Budget Bite

"Russo, the immediate past-president of the League of California Cities, spoke more generally on how the state government is negatively affecting county, city and local district governments.

Jokingly referring to Sacramento government as the "fourth axis of evil," Russo said that 25 years ago it was inconceivable for Californians to worry about their local libraries struggling or keeping park services open."

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