Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More on New San Jose Library

"Friday's inaugural run felt like a festive community celebration as elated library workers helped people navigate the eight-story building and jazzed patrons swept through the vast array of books, videos, DVDs and computers that awaited them."
Source: San Jose Mercury News with thanks to jwang
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Financial Industry Trying to Outmaneuver Privacy Ballot Initiative

Now that activists for financial privacy have gathered enough signatures to put a ballot initiative on the March 2004 ballot, they have demanded that the State pass a financial privacy law by august 19.

However, "even as California moves forward on a possible law to protect financial privacy, political maneuvering in Washington, D.C., might undercut it.

Congress is currently considering one revision to the Fair Credit Reporting Act that potentially could limit states' rights to enact tougher financial privacy laws.

That's something the financial services industry would like. Banks, insurance companies, brokerages and other firms say that having a variety of different state regulations is expensive and cumbersome. They want a single national law."

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